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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  December 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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that breaking news is just into our newsroom. indonesia says it has lost contact with a plane with 162 people on board. the air asia flight took off from indonesia and was heading to singapore. there are reports that the pilots asked for an unusual route before air traffic controllers lost contact. this comesí months after a malaysia airlines jet disappeared. no wreckage has ever been found. count on nbc 10 for updates on the missing air asia plane. we will post information on the nbc 10 mobile app and tomorrow
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morning starting at 5:30 a.m. a final salute to a fallen nypd officer. thousands celebrated the life of officer rafael ramos. he was gunned down with his partner in their patrol car one week ago today. the first of two funerals brought polvñ;wk from around the country even as the nation remains divided over police and their actions. this is a difficult time for officer everywhere. >> it is including in philadelphia. tens of thousands of police officers from all over the country gathered in new york today for the service. vice president joe biden addressed the more than 25,000 police officers who stood shoulder to shoulder on a queens street. >> our hearts acheou for you. >> the officers were ambushed,
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shot and killed in their patrol car seven days ago. >> i know theree] is little that anyone can say or do at this moment to ease the pain. >> reporter: ramos' widow with her sons by her side clutched an american flag. >> there were so manyf9[( thousands of people but youla country created a sea of navy blue as far as the eye could see. >> the amount of police officers was incredible. >> reporter: in the crowd 100 members of the philadelphia police department there to show support at a time when there is a lot of tension between the police communities. >> how do you allow someone approach your car just to ask9çnó a question. is it in the back of your mind that he will do the same thing? >> it's the highest level of anti-police sentiment. >> is it a scary time to be a police officer? >> it always has been and it's
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gotten worse and the amount of violence so fast and the protesting and it's a hard time to be a cop right now. >> the family of ramos' partner were at today's service. the funeral for liu will be next saturday. reporting live christine maddela, >> some officers turned their backs to mayor bill de blasio saying he contributed to a climate of mistrust toward police while anti-police protests were taking place. 100 demonstrators took to center street in philadelphia to peacefully protest police brutality today and called for an end to the killings of unarmed black men by police officers. they also brought up brandon brown, who was shot to death by philadelphia police after investigators say he reached for a loaded handgun.
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>> it is cold empty and calculated and i don't like the fact that i see no grief. >> everybody responds to things differently. it doesn't mean we don't care or have compassion but we have to guard ourselves sometimes. >> the brown family is planning a march for justice on tuesday.úz/e live look outside at the philadelphia museum of art. is it a mild night but the clouds are moving in and yes, you may need an umbrella tomorrow. nbc 10 meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking rain for sunday. >> we are going to see light rainfall on and off through sunday. we are seeing the clouds increasing through the rest of tonight. it has been a mild night temperatures above average. you can see the clouds moving in. this is a system that we're worried about. we have a cold front and ahead of it showers are starting to
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push in as we are forecasting showers into the overnight hours. as you wake up in the morning, spotty showers expected. another round closer to 5:00 and we'll continue to see the showerings as we head into monday morning mainly confined at the shore and central and southern parts of delaware. temperatures right now, 45 in philly. 40 in pottstown. 37 in allentown. as you wake up on your sunday a mild start to the morning. temperatures by 6:00 already in the 40s. as we push into the rest of the afternoon we'll warm into the 50s but that's it for the mild weather. colder conditions on the way. i'll let you know when in my first alert forecast. parents and students are scrambling after their school is closing. the school won't open after
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winter break. >> we are at the charter school's headquarters. what happened to cause the shutdown? >> reporter: the charter school is blaming financial difficulties. they were ordered to pay the school district of philadelphia more than $1 million after being accused of operating an unlicensed high school. now the rest of the campus will be closing, causing parents around the area to scramble during this break. on the front door of the walter palmer charter school a short note gives the bad news. >> is with a sad and troubled heart that i notify you the only option is to close the school. >> reporter: this woman got the letter and faces a tough task of finding a new school for her grand son in the middle of winter break. >> i am sad. i cried for my grandson. >> reporter: earlier this year the high school shut down and now it appears the rest of the
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school closed its doors. walter palmer officials blame financial problems. and now children have to go to private school which many can't afford or go back to public schools which people like this boy were trying to avoid. >> i just came from that school and it took forever to get out of there. >> reporter: the frustration is mounting from parents too. now faced with a difficult decision about where to finish off the school year. >> but, me, i feel defeated. to effect them? >> reporter: a philadelphia school district spokesman tells me they wish walter palmer would have given them more time to get these kids to find new schools. we have reached out to walter palmer officials for more clarification about which grades
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are closing and when. we are yet to hear back. live in philadelphia randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. new information on a hit and run where a driver sped off after crashing to the home of an elderly woman. the 93-year-old died of natural causes hours after a truck2ji nearly struck her as she was sleeping in her bed yesterday. the driver is not in custody as the district attorney decides on charges. a philadelphia man is in critical condition after helping people escape from his burning home. the flames erupted on the 4400 block. the man was burned. he was running in and out of the burning house to help people out. >> his main goal was to save them. no questions asked. did what he had to do and i'm glad everybody's alive. >> investigators are trying to
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figure out what caused that fire. next at 11:00, flu fears. more people in our area are getting sick. see where cases are becoming widespread. and overhaul scrapped. why they won't get a clean up as planned. eagles and giants are heading in different directions. and the flyers look to extend their winning streak to four games tonight in nashville.
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we're updating the breaking news we told you about. search and rescue operations are underway for an air asia plane
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that disappeared with 162 people aboard. the flight was heading from indonesia to singapore. air traffic controllers lost contact 42 minutes after takeoff. at the time the plane was believed to be over the java sea. count on us for updates on our nbc 10 mobile app and tomorrow morning on nbc 10 news today starting at 5:30 a.m. getting ready to drop the ball. why the times square tradition will is some extra shimmer to welcome 2015. we'll see mild conditions tomorrow. but i am tracking some showers. i'll let you know what to expect.
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the governors of new york and new jersey have vetoed a bill designed to clean up the troubled port authority. the most recent scandal involved the george washington bridge. aides to chris christie were accused of ordering lane closures in an event of payback. today both governors recommended other reforms and said they would ask the board members to resign. the flu is now widespread in pennsylvania. the state health department says more than 5,000 cases have been reported. more than 1200 were in2t but health officials say those numbers are low. the department says up to 2,000
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pennsylvaniians die of flu complications each year. delaware has widespread flu activity. most of the cases are in sussex county and new jersey is seeing moderate flu activity. that means a normal number of flu case. preparations are underway for the new year's eve ball drop in times square. workers installed 288 newly designed waterford crystal triangles. they join the 24 hourks crystals in place on the ball. more than a million people are expected to celebrate in midtown manhattan.:sf= it looks like it's going to be a cold one this new year's eve. a look at what we expect. sunday we are tracking showers. also it will be a mild day once
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again. above the average which is 42 degrees. it will feel like winter next (ña8week. clear skies. currently, but as we head into the rest of the night the clouds are increasing. partly cloudy skies at the airport. 42 degrees and humidity at 76% and winds out of the south at 5 miles an hour. in the rest of the evening, 45 degrees at reading. still clear skies in reading and atlantic city but the clouds $éñ increase the rest of tonight pushing to sunday. there is the system that will make its way closer to us. we have the cold front and the rain in front of it. the temperatures will continue to drop as we head into monday and tuesday you will notice the difference there. but showers expected for us on sunday especially closers] p.m. isolated showers near the
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i-5 corridor and another round on monday morning. it mainly stays to the south, the central and southern parts of delaware and ill see sunshine possibly in the afternoon. as far as monday is concerned allow extra time if you live closer to delaware or the coastal communities. we are cooling down, the average this time of year is 42 degrees. today we saw a high of 57. heading into tomorrow low 50s but still above average. same thing on monday. and then weñ will be below average into the 30s. tonight it will be a mild evening. temperatures drop down to 40 for philadelphia. 34 in the suburbs north and west. mostly cloudy skies tomorrow with a few passing showers as we head into sunday. temperatures range between 48 and 52 degrees. the seven-day forecast shows a big dropdu5) in temperatures. you will notice the difference
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monday and tuesday. wednesday night the lows will will be in the 20s and for new year's day, 40 degrees and cold. i'm jen daniels from comcast sports net. the flyers were looking foreúijv a four-game winning streak tonight in nashville. flyers tried to sign him away for big bucks a few years ago. it's the first time they have faced the head coach of nashville since they fired him. mike fisher stuffs home the rebound. and on the five-on-four colin wilson gives the predators the lead. the flyers lose 4-1. steve mason did skate at the
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end of the morning skate and took some shots. his back feels close to 100% and he hopes to play monday in arizona. the sixers face the jazz tonight. they haven't won in utah since 2005. a rough night for michael carter williams. 1 of 13 in the first half. they allowed the sixers to tie the game at 46 on this drive. but the jazz regain their touch. the three puts the jazz up 6. the jazz leading 76-67 in the fourth. the eagles and giants wrap up their seasons tomorrow. the eaglest have lost three in a run and the giants have won three in a row. the difference, turnovers. the eagles have had seven in their streak and the giants just two. >> we had to execute at all and i think we didn't make the plays at the right times. and also you have the obvious stuff like the turnovers.
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>> probably the best thing we've done is we've taken care of the ball. offensively the ball has not been turned over in two weeks. over to the pinstripes penn state. two td passes this time connects with hamilton for 16 yards. they went to overtime. tied atahóx] 24. in o.t. bc extra point try after a touchdown. an ugly miss there. opens the door for penn state. in the end zone.vojg it. lines up and nails it. penn state wins its first bowl game since 2009. 31-30. the head coach thanks the seniors. >> these guys will be remembered forever for staying in strong when we needed them to stand strong to lay the foundation for great things to come. every win that we have next year
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and for eternity will be on their backs. >> that's sports i'm jen daniels, we'll be right back.
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x they're trying to empty out a philadelphia animal shelter and you can help. they are offering free pet adoptions this weekend. this is its most successful life saving year on record. adoptions increaseduw 22%. check out the dogs and cats tomorrow from 10:00 until 5:00. always good to hear. >> absolutely. >> thank you for being us with. i'm ted greenberg. for all of us here we thank you for watching. "snl" is next. we hope you have a great night.
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>> from our studios in new york city, this is "charlie rose." [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening, and welcome to the program this week. senate democrats released their reports of the cia's use of torture. which is a subject that is near an


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